Supercharging Sales and Marketing – Marketing Automation

Supercharge your sales and marketing with marketing automation

In the current financial climate, 2013 promises to be a challenging year for many businesses and as marketers and business leaders you need to ask yourself some serious questions:
How can you really connect and understand the challenges in your own business? If you could pick 4 or 5 areas of focus – which ones would make the most impact to your business? Can tools help you supercharge your marketing and at what cost and benefit?

In this video (and presentation), Marina Lumley connects with today’s challenges for b2b businesses and illustrates how marketing automation can help them navigate towards a more profitable 2013.
View Marina’s presentation and you will learn:

• How to make more of the finite time we have
• How your marketing activities can be more effective
• How sales and marketing can work together for success
• How you can specifically define where your problems are – and fix them!
• How best to use technology to help your business

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