Marketing Automation: Can it help and at what cost?

Marketing Automation RobotPresenter: Michael Flannigan, Marketing Manager, target360

Duration: 30 minutes

Do you know what digital channels work for your business?

Do you know how to tighten your targeting?

Do you know how to automate marketing processes?

Do you know to unify the efforts of sales and marketing for much better conversion?

To help you find the answer to these questions, view this webinar presentation – presented by target360 marketing manager, Michael Flannigan – where you will learn:

  • What marketing automation is
  • How it can help you to
    • Understand your website performance
    • Track your prospects’ journeys and alert you to their new activities
    • Score and qualify leads
    • See which digital channels are actually working and allocate effectively
    • Get sales and marketing working together
  • Why target360 should be your marketing automation solution

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