Getting Sales and Marketing to Fall In Love

Sales and Marketing Fall In Love

Presenter: Michael Flannigan, Marketing Manager target360

Duration: 30 minutes


It’s acknowledged throughout business that there can be tension between sales and marketing teams.

Marketers: how many of you have been involved in meetings where an underperforming sales person blames the poor quality of leads as the reason they missed their target?

And sales people; are you really expected to convert a ‘lead’ who has attended a webinar and who – it turns out – is a research student?

Marketing Manager, Michael Flannigan, thinks that using an integrated sales and marketing automation CRM, like target360, can make the relationship between sales and marketing much more fruitful.

In this recording, find out how marketing automation can:

  • ensure that only leads that meet qualification criteria are passed
  • alert sales teams when a lead demonstrates buying signals
  • help sales teams prioritise leads
  • increase lead-to-sale conversion rates

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