Engaging Customers Across Multiple Channels and Touch Points

Engaging Customers

Engaging Customers Across Multiple Channels and Touchpoints

Presenter: Marina Lumley, Social and Digital Marketing Lecturer

Duration: 30 minutes


 Ask any marketer and they will tell you that marketing techniques and tools are advancing and changing at an ever-accelerating rate – making it a challenge for us to keep up!

Taken from a webinar by Digital trainer and practitioner Marina Lumley hear what she has to say on:

  • How customers now think and act differently today
  • Why brands need to consider multi-channel marketing – b2c or b2b
  • Bridging the gap between on and offline communications – thinking non-line
  • Why measurement is more important than ever – and what techniques you can deploy
  • What marketing managers need to consider when developing their skills for this new and exciting challenge

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