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SEO is Dead

World War SEO: A Guide For B2B Marketers

There is a constant battle raging between Google – in its quest to deliver quality, relevant content for it’s users – and the SEO community who want to manipulate the search engine results page (SERP) in favour of their clients. Watch this webinar to find out what you need to do to stay above ground.

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Social Media for B2b Marketers

Social Media For B2B Marketers

91% of marketers say they use social media as a content marketing tool and yet 61% of B2B marketers describe their strategy as ad-hoc and only 10% are able to measure any sort of ROI from Social Media. Watch this video to find out how to structure your social strategy and measure ROI.

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Marketing Automation Video

Marketing Automation: Can It Help And At What Cost?

What is Marketing Automation? How will it help my business? What are the cost implications? These and other questions are answered during this 30 minute session.

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Digital Marketing Acquisition

10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition

Find out what steps you need to take to adequately deploy a digital marketing acqusition in this recorded webinar presentation by independent marketing expert, Marina Lumley

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Digitial Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategies for B2B

View digital marketing expert Marina Lumley’s presentation from TFMA Manchester in 2012.

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Content Marketing

Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

In this recorded webinar, find out how you can boost the flow of traffic to your website by generating information hungry visitors who fit your audience profile as well as organically optimizing your digital presence.

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Supercharge Sales and Marketing – Marketing Automation

Marina Lumley’s presentation from the B2B Marketing Conference confronts how can you really connect and understand the challenges in your own business and connect with today’s challenges, navigating towards a more profitable 2013.

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Engaging Customers Across Multiple Channels and Touch Points

Multi-channel marketing, multi-content funnel marketing, multi touch point marketing… multiple reasons for a marketers head to be spinning. In this recording, find out how marketers are using different techniques to reach an increasingly complex audience.

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Sales and Marketing Fall In Love

Getting Sales & Marketing to Fall In Love

Marketers: how many of you have been involved in meetings where an underperforming sales person blames the poor quality of leads as the reason they missed their target? And sales people; are you really expected to convert a ‘lead’ who has attended a webinar and who – it turns out – is a research student?   Using an integrated sales and marketing automation CRM, like target360, can make the relationship between sales and marketing much more fruitful.

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