Market Transformations

Challenge: Struggling to meet website traffic and lead generation goals

Despite spending more time and resources on their website, Market Transformations were still unable to meet their targets of website generated leads.


How Target360 helped:

Digital behaviour studies consistently refer to the importance of the relevant content when generating organic website traffic. Using target360′s web tracking and analytics features, Market Transformations were able to re-evaluate their inbound marketing strategy, informed by which content and landing pages were attracting the most visits.


Result: 35% increase in leads generated on website

Consequently, Market Transformations were able to position their capture forms and calls to action much more effctively leading to a 35% increase in hot leads generated via the website. By utlizing the integrated web tracking tools, leads were given a digital profile formulated form their website journeys and social networking profiles. Generated lead profiles were then able to best direct the integrated automated email marketing features as well as website copy, boosting search rankings.

Challenge: Time spent managing data

One major challenge faced by Market Transformations was time spent monitoring marketing and sales department ativities to ensure no duplication efforts. Additionally, the real impact on ROI was the time and resource spent on creating and updating records as campaign activity increased over multiple channels.


How target360 helped:

target 360 automatically creates a CRM record for each first time visitor that logs their details. It also automatically updates the existing records as campaign activity increased over multiple channels


Result: Saved time, money and removed human error

target360 provides user friendly dashboards, reports and lead profiles that save manual effort and remove the possibility of errors and duplication. The lead records are automatically updated with real time data, meaning sales and marketing teams can focus more on profitable activities to generate and convert leads.

Challenge: Opportunities passed to sales prematurely

Too many leads were sent back to the marketing department because they had not bewen properly nurtured and therefore not sales ready. this resulted in a lack of cohesion between the departments and led to missed opportunities.


How Target360 helped:

Using the target360 lead scoring feature, Market Transformations could allocate scores that reflected the sales readiness of each lead. Only once a lead had reached the agreed threshold, was it passed over to sales, resulting in a more coordinated and centralized approach. The MD was also able to monitor department activity and lead position through target360′s dashboard system.


Result: 89% reduction of opportunities being bounced back to marketing

Only 11% of enquiries are now returned to marketing.

Challenge: Lack of cohesion between Sales and Marketing meant low ROI

Market Transformations felt that their departments needed better alignment in terms of communication, terminology and systems. There was a need to implement processes that would increase both the quality and volume of leads generated, and ensure these prospects had the best chance of conversion when delivered to sales.


How Target360 helped:

target360s lead scoring and lead activity allow for greater collaboration and transparency between the two departments. The centralised integrated sales and marketing software united the departments meaning sales could now see which leads marketing had qualifyie and in turn, marketing were able to see when generated leads were contacted by sales.


Result: 43% increase of sales within Q3

Unified, centralised and effective department efforts led to less friction and better internal communication, ultimately resulting in a more collaborative way of working. The quality of leads passed to sales dramatically increased, as has the volume of opportunities converted; directly contributing to a higher profit margin and ROI.