Web Insights and Lead Tracking

Web Analytics

Web Insights and Lead Tracking

B2B marketers love tracking website visitors, but most traffic is anonymous – perhaps 2% or less becomes real prospects. However, you can track the other 98% with target360′s tools. By pro-actively creating a digest of anonymous activity on your website – you’re learning what’s not working, and improving what is.

Visitor Identification and Anonymous Visitor Tracking

Visitor’s IP addresses can be recorded and target360 can identify the company name, making your sales team aware of when a prospect company is browsing your site. A significant percentage of companies can be identified this way, particularly blue chip companies, public sector or higher education organisations.

As a marketing automation system, target360 can also check the WHOIS lookup, which would give you a geographic location – another useful piece of information that lets you create a valuable profile of ‘anonymous’ visitors.

target360′s web analytics and lead tracking allows you to optimise your website and build personalised lead profiles, helping you to develop a digital acquisition plan that actually works. What’s more, our reporting is fully integrated so you never have to leave target360 to view your online business insights.