target360 Marketing Automation Pricing


£695 / US$1050 pm

Perfect for small marketing teams

Monthly Emails 10,000
Monthly Web Visits 20,000


£1195 / US$1800 pm

Our most popular package

Monthly Emails 50,000
Monthly Web Visits 100,000


£1595 / US$2400 pm

For larger sales and marketing teams

Monthly Emails 100,000
Monthly Web Visits 200,000



Fully customisable to your requirements

Monthly Emails Custom
Monthly Web Visits Custom

target360 combines all of the tools a marketer needs to plan, deploy and measure their digital marketing campaigns. We have priced a number of packages to suit B2B marketers from any size of business. Regardless of package size, each target360 customer will have access to all of our modules including:

Email Marketing

Lead Management

Website Analytics

Digital Marketing Reporting

And remember, every target360 includes a pre-customised version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or it can integrate with your existing Dynamics CRM deployment.