Lead Management

Lead Management

Lead Management and Lead Scoring

How often have you reviewed your web analytics data and thought “I want to find out more about these people”? With target360, you can. Our lead management solution gives you a deeper profile of your website visitors:  their interactions, specific interests and sales readiness.

Lead management – from click to customer

By combining this in-depth lead information with automated scoring, target360 delivers a complete 360° marketing to sales cycle. It provides:

  • A profile of every individual’s engagement with your website – before you have captured specific contact details – helping you to target relevant content that will nurture the lead
  • Custom lead scoring which enables you to prioritise leads based on their digital behaviour
  • Defined lead management – handle workload better by assigning the right leads to the right people at the right time
  • Real-time lead alerts straight to your inbox – improve reaction time and stay one step ahead, avoid lost leads and missed opportunities

By improving the visibility of the status of each individual lead, target360 lead management encourages more collaboration between sales and marketing, ensuring that leads who aren’t quite ready to purchase are adequately nurtured while those who are qualified are immediately passed to sales.

In target360, a lead is never lost or forgotten and if it’s not yet sales ready, it’s recycled and nurtured meaning that your marketing and sales funnel is always full, with no leaks.