Digital Marketing Reporting

Digital Reporting

Digital Marketing Reporting

Reporting. Analytics. It’s where creativity meets hard facts: your marketeers may be highly talented, but if you can’t measure the impact of their work – you can’t improve your sales.

Spreadsheets aren’t ideal, and too many working days can be lost in finding one, simple piece of useful information.

However, target360 helps you highlight the contribution your marketing is making to your bottom line. Analytics and reporting tools deliver metrics that make sense, without spending hours hunched over a computer.

Marketing Reports at Your Fingertips

Never get confused by the data. target360 gives you key reports that are useful right out-of-the box. With daily, weekly or monthly reports, you can stay on top of your of your marketing results. target360 gives you:

  • A library of standard reports – email performance, landing page stats, web  activity and lead performance
  • Campaign results with a matrix that shows which campaigns performed better than others
  • A revenue modeling feature, to help you identify campaign ROI by channel segment.

Our campaign tracking and reporting allows you to optimize your social, content and paid-for marketing. And because target360 tells you where each sale comes from you can be confident which activity is producing return on investment.