Automated Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

So many emails, so little time. How do you make sure your email activity is effective?  target360 helps you monitor which emails are having the greatest impact, which means you can sharpen that focus – and get the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

target360′s email marketing tool lets you create, test, send and monitor email campaigns from within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system – and because it’s fully integrated, it captures the detail of each lead’s interaction along the way.

Automated email marketing integrated with CRM

The email marketing module within target360 offers the complete solution for your lead acquisition and nurturing activity. It offers:

  • One integrated email marketing and CRM system – ensuring that all your information is centrally stored, reducing the time you spend managing data
  • Customised email settings that allow you to define and personalise who the communication is from and also where replies are routed to
  • An easy to use HTML editor that allows you to create and design great looking emails quickly using a suite of customisable templates for slick, branded communication
  • Unlimited spam checks that ensures maximum deliverability and reach
  • Immediate access to your email performance metrics. Instantly review ‘delivered’, ‘open’ and ‘click-through’ rates
  • Configurable automatic response emails, allowing you to kick-start your nurture process as soon as your prospect engages with you

Email Marketing Made Easy

target360 makes email marketing easy. By streamlining many of the laborious, data management tasks you can redirect your resources to more create great looking marketing campaigns. Find out how target360 can boost your digital acquisition while making your marketing budget go further.