CRM and Agency Partners Wanted...

Marketing Automation PartnersDepending on what you report you read, the marketing automation software industry is valued at between $525m and $875m. What is clear is that marketers and sales professional see the value in investing in such tools.

As the UK’s only integrated Marketing Automation and Sales CRM platform, target360 are well positioned to capitalize on this growth – but we’d like your help.

Marketing Agency and CRM Partners Wanted

If you can rise to the challenges that the digital economy present; if you strive to make your client’s investment go further; if you want to help them reach and exceed their potential… then we are already a partnership made in heaven.

As a target360 partner you will:

  • Earn a generous commission share of up to £2,000 from each successful implementation
  • Receive comprehensive marketing and sales support
  • Enhance your product portfolio
  • Supercharge your company’s Sales and Marketing with your own target360 system

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