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World War SEO

A B2B Marketers Guide to the battle between Google and the SEO’s

Is SEO Dead?There is a constant battle raging between Google – in its quest to deliver quality, relevant content for it’s users – and the SEO community who want to manipulate the search engine results page (SERP) in favour of their clients.

Many claim that the changes Google made to its algorithm in the Panda and Penguin updates this year – which rewarded quality content and social standing – killed off SEO’s.

However, according to Miratrix founder Nick Duddy, SEO is rising from the grave and fighting back.

Watch our recent Halloween webinar as target360′s marketing manager Michael Flannigan discusses the ongoing battle between Google and SEO experts with Nick.

Click here to watch the recording and:

  • review the history of SEO
  • understand why what worked then won’t work now
  • learn what you need to do to keep your site above the ground
  • find out how miratrix and target360 can help you win the war

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