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What is Marketing Automation and How Can It Help You?

Marketing Automation RobotIn 2011, UK Online ad spend hit at an all time high of £4.7billion – a 14.4% rise on 2010*. With so much investment being thrown into digital acquisitions, how can you measure the ROI of your spend? How do you know what works? And how can you use this knowledge to adjust and adapt an agile approach to your marketing?

Business Challenges:

  • Budget allocation – How much do you spend and where do you spend it?
  • Tight targeting – How can you mange your resource to ensure maximum engagement and great quality leads?
  • Sales and Marketing – How can the relationship be improved?
  • It’s crucial to know what works for your business and to use that knowledge to meet these key challenges for much better conversion rates.

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Marketing Automation: How It Can Help and At What Cost?

Date: 18th July at 2.30pm


  • How marketing automation can help you
    • Become a superstar Emarketer
    • Track your prospects’ journeys and keep on top of your lead activities
    • Score and qualify leads
    • Track your ROI of all earned and paid for media campaigns, allocating your resource more effectively
    • Understand your website performance
    • Integrate sales and marketing
  • How an integrated CRM system can boost your productivity and save you time and money: What is it and how does work?
  • How you and your team can benefit from great marketing automation offers, to see if it’s right for you, before investing.

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*(Source: IAB/PwCUK Online AdSpend Study Full Year 2011)

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