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Top quality leads – the diamonds that enable a great sales and marketing engagement.


Marketing and sales collaboration……an ethos widely sought, but rarely achieved and often attributed to the lack of consensus surrounding lead qualification and lead quality.

So how can marketing be assured that the leads they pass to sales are the right prospects, at the right stage in the buying cycle?

In our view-on-demand webinar, ‘Getting Sales & Marketing to Fall in Love’, Michael Flannigan, Marketing Manager at target360 explored how the relationship between sales and marketing can be strengthened by:

  • Ensuring that the web traffic you are attracting is in the right target audience in terms of sector, influence and turnover.
  • Measuring your digital marketing activity – it’s the foundation of lead generation success and marketing automation tracking is the concrete for this foundation.
  • Monitoring where the highest quality traffic is coming from – what channels are generating the most leads that match the marketing criteria
  • Maintaining engagement – once top quality leads have been secured, what keep them engaged?

Marketing in a multichannel, multi-touchpoint, multi-medium world can be daunting but with marketing automation each individual lead interaction is recorded, scored and evaluated. So marketing knows exactly how their content, emails and campaigns have been received and exactly how ‘engaged’ each individual lead is. Making it easy for marketing to confidently qualify a lead as ‘sales’ ready.

Intelligent Demand, a US marketing agency recently published ‘Sure-fire way to Increase Lead Quality’. They cited automatic lead tracking as one of the fundamental activities that you need to do to improve lead quality.

Our recorded Webinar: ‘Getting Sales & Marketing to Fall in Love’ dives into the world of lead generation, lead quality and business collaboration, focusing on how to measure quality and reach qualification consensus between marketing and sales. So register today and discover how marketing automation can help you do this effectively, saving time, money and resource all with one centralized tool.

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