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The hidden benefits of CRM for marketing strategy

crm for marketing strategyMany businesses are already using customer relationship management systems (CRM’s) to help them with their day to day business activities such as implementing to do lists, customer follow ups, creating email address lists etc. If you are one of these people, however, you could be missing a trick, as you can make the best out of the potential of your CRM for marketing strategy by adding value to the customer experience and their expectations.

What is CRM?

But first of all, what is CRM? It is a programme that you can have in your back office on your PC or as a web based option. It is designed to help businesses interact efficiently with current and future customers, with innovative technology that can organise, automate processes, provide technical support, track sales activity, plus lots more!

In effect, used to even half of its full capacity, this tool is a very productive member of staff who focuses purely on the customer relationship management process. This enables you to focus on what you do best – such as selling a product or service – rather than spending your time maintaining data and second guessing what your customers’ needs are.

CRM for marketing strategy

So, what are the benefits of CRM for marketing strategy?

  • firstly, it can automate the sales funnel process which auto filters prospects into clients and provide succinct reports on what parts of your strategy are working (e.g. auto responder emails) and what are not;
  • it creates consistency as the process is automatic;
  • each new customer or prospective customer has the same experience and exposure to your products;
  • the software allows you to understand more about your customers – such as the type of person you are selling to and the support they may need when buying your product or service, as well as after-sales support too – so you can tailor your offering to meet their needs;
  • it is hands free – once the processes are built, it can simply be a case of revising the processes and messages to increase conversion and revenues;
  • a streamlining of your existing systems – for example, with some sales processes, different products are recorded in different systems. CRM’s can consolidate all your customers into a single database and record all their product history there, so that the information is always held in one place;
  • it allows easy options to add in cross-sell products or even offer third party products.


All these benefits will lead to a better understanding and relationship with your customers, based on proven, trackable data – which typically leads to increased revenue. Don’t believe us? Try target360 for 30 days completely free of charge and see for yourself. target360 is a fully integrated CRM with Marketing Automation solution – so on top of the listed benefits you’ll also generate more, better qualified leads. Ask us for a demo or sign up for a free trial today.

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