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Six Reasons Not To Underestimate Google+ For B2B Marketing

Google+ for B2B MarketingGoogle+ is coming up for its second birthday and it has rapidly become a huge social network, although, because you automatically get Google+ when you get a Gmail account (unless you actively delete it) there is some argument as to the number of real active users in the system. However, there are several powerful reasons why Google+ should not and cannot be underestimated for businesses.

1)   Google Local+

One of the more powerful aspects of Google+ is the Google+ Local system which businesses use to be seen on Google Maps. Having your business on Google maps represents another opportunity to appear on the front page of Google for your chosen keywords.

2)   Powerful SEO Part 1

Any posted content on Google+ is immediately indexed in Google, thus making it probably one of the fastest ways that you can get content into the Google index and therefore shared with the world.

3)   Powerful SEO Part 2

On Facebook there is the “Like” button that you can click when you like something. On Google+ there is the +1 button. Whilst this on the surface does not seem to do anything different from the Like button on Facebook it in fact influences search rankings when users are logged into Google (think of the millions of people that use Gmail and stay logged in all day). This means that if an article you have published on your Google+ account gets a lot of +1 clicks it will not only be indexed immediately (see above) but will rise through to the top of Google much more quickly than if it had been published elsewhere.

4)   Authorship

You may have noticed recently when searching on Google that peoples pictures are appearing beside their posts and web pages. This happens by adding your pages and posts to your Google+ account and your Google+ account with your website. This addition helps build authority of a business and also attracts people to click through to your web site increasing traffic.

5)   Google Hangouts

Google+ provides a way to connect with others through video. Businesses are beginning to develop the power of this through such things as webinars, product demonstrations, online teaching and other marketing activities.

6)   Google+ Communities

Google+ communities are circles of users that are sharing information around one topic. For a business this can be a great way to interact with your customers and both bring about brand awareness and give you the opportunity to turn satisfied customers into brand advocates.

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