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Multi Channel Marketing – Make Sure Your Customers Choose You


Multi-channel marketing, multi-content funnel marketing, multi touch point marketing……..multiple reasons for a marketers head to be spinning. Avoid the headache and view our webinar recording to find out how to effectively engage your customers over multiple channels.


Our guest speaker, Marina Lumley, detailed how B2B and B2C marketers can utilize new communication resources to boost brand revenue and how you can measure exactly what’s working… you know where to invest your time, resource and money.

Customers have changed the way they research and purchase. For example, 90% of customer buying decisions now start online, although the average conversion rate of outbound marketing techniques is just 2%. Marketers are under more pressure than ever to ensure that all earned and paid for media campaigns are optimized to reach the right people, at the right time…….and with the cost of clicks soaring through the roof………..there’s been a well overdue jump on the inbound and content marketing band wagon.

With more and more fish in the pond fighting for space, marketers need to make sure that their brand messages are reaching and resonating with their target market in as many places as possible, over as many devices as possible.

The explosion of multiple marketing channels and contemporary approaches means that the market is now open to everyone, regardless of their marketing budget. Brands are seriously considering how best to reach the right people and in right way through the right medium and form.

With so many industry developments and with each sector’s buying process evolving at such a fast pace….how can you stay on top of your new business challenges? How can you measure what’s working for you? What techniques can help you deliver on your objectives?

We discussed all these questions and more and gave some top tips for multi channel marketing success in our webinar – ‘Engaging Customers Across Multi Channels and Multi Touchpoints‘.

So switch on today…


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