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Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

91% of companies surveyed by E-consultancy this year now use content to market their products, with 93% considering content marketing more important to their organisation in 2013 than ever… but, only 38% of in-house marketers have a defined content marketing strategy.

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Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

Well, as we know people come to the internet for two reasons: to solve a problem or be entertained. With this in mind, it was inevitable that the customer buying and engagement cycle changed: 70% of the buying cycle is now completed before a lead is willing to engage with a salesperson, shifting the power to marketing and making it more important than ever to reach out to your audiences and markets with relevant, informative and engaging content that’s structured and goal orientated. Even more important is to know what works.

As marketing evolves, what new challenges are businesses faced with?

View the webinar recording ‘Measuring your content marketing success’ to find out how you can:
  • Monitor the success of individual content items
  • Compare the effectiveness of social networking platforms
  • Identify the best method of distributing your content
So you can be agile and adaptive in your marketing approach, overcoming the new challenges facing B2B marketers in our new age of information.

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