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Is that click a keeper?


You want traffic to your website so you plan your strategy around the right keywords and you get the clicks. Every click costs you money. Wasting that click means wasting your budget. So, how can you make sure that you get the right sort of clicks and maximise them?

Do you remember a parent saying to you that not all attention is good attention? Well, the same applies in digital marketing.

So, firstly, make sure you are attracting the right sort of attention. Use lateral thinking and hypothesis when building your keyword list and content strategy. And if your business operates in a high value sales process, think about what mindset your most likely prospects are in when they’re online – learn more, know more or buy?

So, you’ve got the keywords for your ppc nailed and you’ve ranked in an ideal position on your prospect’s search. Now what? Get the ad copy right and peak their interest enough to click through to what needs to be a relevant page (not just a home page!) for their search terms.

After your target market has found you, they’ll look about to see if you’re up to the job.  There are so many social network channels for you to push content that absence can be conspicuous. It’s your virtual networking event. Use them to show your expertise, brand personality and to drive leads to your website again and again until they are convinced they have seen or heard enough to engage with you. Where do your prospects hang out? What are the hot topics? Which of your competitors are there too? How are they getting involved?

Relevant, Reliable and Rich. The three R’s for content success.

  1.  Your customers engage with relevant content.
  2. This builds a reputation as a reliable and credible source.
  3. The above rely on your content being rich with value.

Sharing is at the core of social media, so don’t be afraid to Reveal, Re-ignite or Revel in debate and experiences which challenge the status quo.

The R’s can be actioned by an effective and accurate tool which tracks, monitors and measures your online marketing activities and ROI, enabling you to adapt and adjust your approach to meet your business objectives.

Then make it all better again by measuring and analysing every element of this acquisition phase.

Don’t bring a home a lead you couldn’t introduce to your boss ;o)

Our free commissioned whitepaper; 10 must haves for digital marketing, by CIM lecturer and Marketing Consultant Marina Lumley details these fundamentals.

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