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Future of CRM: the mobile CRM

mobile crmGartner – ‘the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company’ – have released their report of the big trends in CRM this year (you can view the whole report if you subscribe to Gartner).

The report, which is a simple tallying up of customer enquiries coupled with Gartner’s CRM experts’ views, found the cloud, social, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things, to be the next big things according to Ed Thompson’s work.

Thompson reports that though this is where ‘interest’ lies, it’s not where businesses are currently investing.

One of the top priorities for Gartner’s clients was ‘a new, more intelligent and unifying user interface’ for CRM staff. Something lots of CRM systems promise they are already offering, but which customers obviously do not feel they are yet getting.

When it comes to sales, smartphone and tablet sales are the top priority, followed closely by social collaboration inside companies and the use of social data to drive sales. Experts reckon this illustrates a change to a more collaborative approach in sales teams.

Mobile customer support will soon be with us according to the report. Agents will soon be able to work effectively as independent operators. This is reckoned to offer the best opportunities for making money from existing customers with improved and streamlined support services.

Next we learn that predictive analytics and big data are starting to change the way that marketing works on a fundamental level. With so much information available and analysis capable of such complexity, it’s no surprise that this trend – marketing designed around analytics – is predicted to get faster very quickly.

Configure, price, quote (CPQ), is said to be going mobile. The iPad is the chief driver of this trend, with its ability to produce very high quality models of products, which can be sent on the road.

You find out more about the trends in this webinar, read why CRM is going to be the spending priority of IT departments in 2013 and 2014; or if you are a Gartner subscriber – view their collection of reports.

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