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Emerging trends in Marketing Strategy at the end of 2013

Emerging trends in Marketing StrategyIn any discussion about emerging trends in marketing strategy there will the inevitable mention of Mobile Computing, Social Media Presence and perhaps the increased power of analytics through such things as Big Data.

Whilst all of this is true and extremely important, there is a danger of using these channels to market in the same old way and not understand the real underlying trends that are emerging and that no business can overlook. Here are four that are at the heart of the emerging trends for 2013:

1) Communication

Traditionally there has been a one-way communication from business to customer however there is a unique opportunity now to turn this into two way interactions that help customers though each stage of the customer’s buying process toward a purchase. Many companies are using Social Media like Facebook and Twitter to do just this very successfully.

 2) Customer data

With the rise of CRM systems and the ability to easily data mine information about your customer base, companies have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with customers to improve product and service development. They can use this information to anticipate customers’ future needs and wants in new markets. Customer segmented online surveys, the use of SMS messaging (which has a 90% open rate according to Google) to get responses to particular questions and so on.

 3) Customer support

Customer support is crucial but costly. By building an online community in a membership area you can enable your customers to support each other which will not only cut your support costs but also raise customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. The company that produce the premium Catalyst WordPress theme have done this spectacularly well through their private members forum where around 80% of all customer support is done by other customers.

 4) Loyalty

Through building interactive communities companies can turn customers into advocates for their brand. If you make somebody feel special and this can often be done by allowing customers to feel that they are getting to know individuals at the company, they will support them and then grow your revenue and market share. This can be achieved through such things as Google+ communities and hangouts, Webinars, member only forums and so on.

First movers often take extraordinary market share. Marketing executives can give their companies this kind of advantage if they have the capacity to exploit emerging trends. Are you noticing any other emerging trends in marketing strategy today?

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