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World War SEO

A B2B Marketers Guide to the battle between Google and the SEO’s

Is SEO Dead?There is a constant battle raging between Google – in its quest to deliver quality, relevant content for it’s users – and the SEO community who want to manipulate the search engine results page (SERP) in favour of their clients.

Many claim that the changes Google made to its algorithm in the Panda and Penguin updates this year – which rewarded quality content and social standing – killed off SEO’s. (more…)

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What is Marketing Automation and How Can It Help You?

Marketing Automation RobotIn 2011, UK Online ad spend hit at an all time high of £4.7billion – a 14.4% rise on 2010*. With so much investment being thrown into digital acquisitions, how can you measure the ROI of your spend? How do you know what works? And how can you use this knowledge to adjust and adapt an agile approach to your marketing?

Business Challenges:

  • Budget allocation – How much do you spend and where do you spend it?
  • Tight targeting – How can you mange your resource to ensure maximum engagement and great quality leads?
  • Sales and Marketing – How can the relationship be improved?
  • It’s crucial to know what works for your business and to use that knowledge to meet these key challenges for much better conversion rates.


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Top quality leads – the diamonds that enable a great sales and marketing engagement.


Marketing and sales collaboration……an ethos widely sought, but rarely achieved and often attributed to the lack of consensus surrounding lead qualification and lead quality.

So how can marketing be assured that the leads they pass to sales are the right prospects, at the right stage in the buying cycle?


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Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

91% of companies surveyed by E-consultancy this year now use content to market their products, with 93% considering content marketing more important to their organisation in 2013 than ever… but, only 38% of in-house marketers have a defined content marketing strategy.

View our on-demand Content Marketing Webinar for a 7 step guide to building a realistic and successful content marketing strategy. This presentation provides you with tips and tools to supercharge your marketing and sales.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?


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