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Emerging trends in Marketing Strategy at the end of 2013

Emerging trends in Marketing StrategyIn any discussion about emerging trends in marketing strategy there will the inevitable mention of Mobile Computing, Social Media Presence and perhaps the increased power of analytics through such things as Big Data.

Whilst all of this is true and extremely important, there is a danger of using these channels to market in the same old way and not understand the real underlying trends that are emerging and that no business can overlook. Here are four that are at the heart of the emerging trends for 2013: (more…)

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Six Reasons Not To Underestimate Google+ For B2B Marketing

Google+ for B2B MarketingGoogle+ is coming up for its second birthday and it has rapidly become a huge social network, although, because you automatically get Google+ when you get a Gmail account (unless you actively delete it) there is some argument as to the number of real active users in the system. However, there are several powerful reasons why Google+ should not and cannot be underestimated for businesses. (more…)

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Social Media Strategy Template: Your 5 Step Guide

Social Media Strategy Like Button

One of the most commonly asked for resources I come across in the various forums and discussion groups online is a Social Media Strategy Template.

We recently published a series of blogs which tackled the approach to planning digital marketing campaigns and whilst the steps are broadly the same, the actions you need to take are different – which is potentially the reason why so many users want a template for their social media strategy to help them get started.

Before getting stuck in, I think it’s worth just re-capping what social marketing is. Wikipedia defines social media marketing as: “…the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”.

To paraphrase this Wikipedia article, social media can be thought of as a distribution vehicle for your content. With this in mind, the 5 steps below can be used as your Social Media Strategy Template. (more…)

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10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition Webinar

Long gone are the days when you can push marketing messages out to prospects and they pick up the phone to buy. And it’s not surprising. How many times have you said ‘I’ll just google it’?

B2B marketing is no different although there is a lot more at stake.

We know that a website and digital marketing is important but sadly not the holy grail. A website rarely does the job of turning a curious visitor into an engaged and enthused purchase by itself.

Join Social and Digital Marketing Lecturer, Marina Lumley, as she re-presents the talk given to a packed audience at TFM&A Manchester 2012. Follow her as she makes sense of the digital marketing mix and presents the 10 must haves for your b2b digital acquisition plan.


10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition

On demand webinar recording


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To Tweet or not to Tweet


You don’t need to be a digital whizz kid to get involved in social media, it’s one of the easiest ways to communicate with partners, customers and competitors, plus you can join the digital debate instantly. We’ve noticed many companies ‘umming’ and ‘ahhhing’ over whether to tweet or not to tweet…..but ultimately, businesses are groups of inherently social people.


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