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Can you launch a new business with CRM?

launch a new business with crmA Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows a company to put the customer at the heart of a business and is arguably the one most important software system that a business can acquire.

It will, through its ability to aggregate data and then slice and dice the data in relevant ways, present a detailed Single Customer View that will then open up marketing opportunities and overall increase sales. Think Amazon marketing emails – “You bought this book you might be interested in these also”. (more…)

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B2B Web self-service

b2b web self-serviceWeb-based customer service channels which allow customers to bypass talking to people and, in some cases, to settle problems themselves are proving popular and having an impact on call centre volumes, says new research.

The survey was carried out by CRM Magazine and asked 520 call centre and CRM professionals about the growth of self-service online help. (more…)

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Set and Forget Marketing Automation: 6 Steps to a happier holiday

Summer holidays should be a time of relaxation and recreation. However, whilst you are on holiday, your targets and KPIs won’t change, sales people still need leads and your MD still expects traffic into the website.

This means that just before you finish up you are stressed; whilst you are away your mind might wander back to the office and; you might be tempted to look at your emails from time to time. (more…)

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10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition Webinar

Long gone are the days when you can push marketing messages out to prospects and they pick up the phone to buy. And it’s not surprising. How many times have you said ‘I’ll just google it’?

B2B marketing is no different although there is a lot more at stake.

We know that a website and digital marketing is important but sadly not the holy grail. A website rarely does the job of turning a curious visitor into an engaged and enthused purchase by itself.

Join Social and Digital Marketing Lecturer, Marina Lumley, as she re-presents the talk given to a packed audience at TFM&A Manchester 2012. Follow her as she makes sense of the digital marketing mix and presents the 10 must haves for your b2b digital acquisition plan.


10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition

On demand webinar recording


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