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CRM and Marketing Automation: A Marriage Made In Heaven

Marketing Automation and CRMAnalysts predict that within the next few years, Marketing Departments will have a larger IT budget than the IT department, which can be attributed to the growing importance of CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

At target360, we are already working on how to make budgets go further and we think we’ve cracked it. We do this by providing all of the tools a marketer uses day to day in one solution. It makes the tracking and reporting of return on investment easier because information is centralised within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In the infographic below, we’ve illustrated just how much you could save by consolidating your CRM, email marketing, web analytics, anonymous IP identification and webform to lead capture into one single system. (more…)

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Infographic: The Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM Cookbook

Integrated Marketing Automation Gingerbread manMarketing Automation is revolutionising B2B marketing by enabling marketers to more easily plan, execute and measure their digital marketing and lead generation activities. Many marketing automation solutions like target360 offer email marketing, web analytics, social media and digital campaign tracking, lead scoring and marketing dashboards within the one package.

However, not all marketing automation solutions are utilised in the way target360 is by our users – that is, closing the circle through seamless integration with a sales CRM system.

Creating leads is a bit like baking Gingerbread men and how that lead is managed and presented to sales can vary depending on the tools you use to process it. It’s a bit like comparing a nice, freshly baked gingerbread man to one that’s been lying on the shelf in the supermarket for a couple of days…


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How Can Marketing Automation Help YOU?

Marketing Automation is a tool that has been embraced by US B2B marketers over the last 5 years and is gradually becoming commonplace in the UK.

You may be one of the many marketers who have heard about marketing automation and the benefits it apparently brings - but are still asking “how does it deliver those benefits?”

That’s why we’ve designed an infographic “How Can Marketing Automation Help You?”. In it, we have detailed how marketing automation can optimise each stage of the sales and marketing funnel to:

  • Generate more traffic
  • Improve lead intelligence
  • Capitalise on engagement
  • Optimise lead engagement
  • Increase sales conversion


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Content Marketing…..Are you contributing or confusing?

Inform and direct your customers path to purchase with content marketing. A few strategic tips for content planning and promotion. 

Today’s buyer is more aware and more in touch with want they want than ever, mainly because they learn about what they want to buy before they buy it; in short, business’ are changing the way they invest. According to PropelGrowth;


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