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Problems with choosing CRM: A quick top 5

problems with choosing crmCRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are no longer the novelty they once were, in fact they’re pretty much a must have now. However, pick the wrong solution and you could find your CRM working against you.

Following are top five problems with choosing CRM to look out for as you’re making the decision. (more…)

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Can you launch a new business with CRM?

launch a new business with crmA Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows a company to put the customer at the heart of a business and is arguably the one most important software system that a business can acquire.

It will, through its ability to aggregate data and then slice and dice the data in relevant ways, present a detailed Single Customer View that will then open up marketing opportunities and overall increase sales. Think Amazon marketing emails – “You bought this book you might be interested in these also”. (more…)

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Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Customer Relationship ManagementCRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems offer clever, time-saving functions that can provide businesses with a number of invaluable benefits. Here we take a look at the main three:


Data management can be effectively handled by a CRM system, allowing you to:

  • analyse;
  • cleanse;
  • track;
  • report;
  • streamline; and
  • share – all effortlessly. (more…)

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Future of CRM: the mobile CRM

mobile crmGartner – ‘the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company’ – have released their report of the big trends in CRM this year (you can view the whole report if you subscribe to Gartner).

The report, which is a simple tallying up of customer enquiries coupled with Gartner’s CRM experts’ views, found the cloud, social, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things, to be the next big things according to Ed Thompson’s work. (more…)

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B2B Web self-service

b2b web self-serviceWeb-based customer service channels which allow customers to bypass talking to people and, in some cases, to settle problems themselves are proving popular and having an impact on call centre volumes, says new research.

The survey was carried out by CRM Magazine and asked 520 call centre and CRM professionals about the growth of self-service online help. (more…)

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