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Set and Forget Marketing Automation: 6 Steps to a happier holiday

Summer holidays should be a time of relaxation and recreation. However, whilst you are on holiday, your targets and KPIs won’t change, sales people still need leads and your MD still expects traffic into the website.

This means that just before you finish up you are stressed; whilst you are away your mind might wander back to the office and; you might be tempted to look at your emails from time to time. (more…)

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10 Free Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Tools - Top 10Content Marketing Tools and the process of generating web traffic and leads from valuable online content, is fast becoming the most challenging aspect of a B2B marketer’s job.

Because Google has changed the emphasis of search results to favour websites that have valuable, relevant content, it means that marketers need to be producing high quality resources on a regular basis.

Your typical B2B marketer has to be multi-skilled; they need to be authors, copywriters, photographers, designers, publishers, film makers, VT editors, web developers… as well as lead generators! Phew!

The following list will help you identify some free resources which will help you plan, implement, publish and distribute your great looking, valuable content. (more…)

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Do You Really Need a Content Marketing Agency?

Content Marketing AgencyThe importance of content for b2b marketers means that many rightly consider working with a content marketing agency. It is true that content is king when it comes to raising your company profile in the market. You could be selling flowers or running a high-end business consultancy, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t have a content strategy that creates fresh web content on a regular basis, chances are your customers won’t be able to engage with your ideas and your brand. This can only result in declining traffic, as customers start to look elsewhere for the products and/or service you offer. If you can’t get them to engage with your company through great and relevant content, they will most definitely not buy from you. (more…)

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Social Media Strategy Template: Your 5 Step Guide

Social Media Strategy Like Button

One of the most commonly asked for resources I come across in the various forums and discussion groups online is a Social Media Strategy Template.

We recently published a series of blogs which tackled the approach to planning digital marketing campaigns and whilst the steps are broadly the same, the actions you need to take are different – which is potentially the reason why so many users want a template for their social media strategy to help them get started.

Before getting stuck in, I think it’s worth just re-capping what social marketing is. Wikipedia defines social media marketing as: “…the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”.

To paraphrase this Wikipedia article, social media can be thought of as a distribution vehicle for your content. With this in mind, the 5 steps below can be used as your Social Media Strategy Template. (more…)

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Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

91% of companies surveyed by E-consultancy this year now use content to market their products, with 93% considering content marketing more important to their organisation in 2013 than ever… but, only 38% of in-house marketers have a defined content marketing strategy.

View our on-demand Content Marketing Webinar for a 7 step guide to building a realistic and successful content marketing strategy. This presentation provides you with tips and tools to supercharge your marketing and sales.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?


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