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Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Customer Relationship ManagementCRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems offer clever, time-saving functions that can provide businesses with a number of invaluable benefits. Here we take a look at the main three:


Data management can be effectively handled by a CRM system, allowing you to:

  • analyse;
  • cleanse;
  • track;
  • report;
  • streamline; and
  • share – all effortlessly.

This means that your records will always be fully up to date and you will be able to see what campaigns / products / services are working well – and those that are not.

Campaigns are easy to set up and run, meaning you can be reactive or proactive, depending on the circumstances. You can also take advantage of goal tracking capabilities, meaning you get a real insight when making key marketing decisions.


CRM’s can also help boost your sales in a number of ways – for example:

  • by enabling you to improve sales planning and management (such as setting up price lists and discounts, streamlining scoring and conversion);
  • by automating processes (such as tracking leads all in one place, segmenting your customer database, identifying cross-selling opportunities etc); plus,
  • by taking advantage of predictive analytics so you can identify key selling scenarios;
  • giving your sales teams more time to concentrate on what they do best – selling – by automating processes.

And finally…

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management for Customers

Finally, the benefits of Customer Relationship Management reach all the way to your customers, too, because you can get a real insight in to who your customer is – so you only send them targeted communications (thereby not alienating them with a bombardment of messages), but you will instil a feeling that they are actually valued – again, because you “know” them.

Here are some examples:

  • by enabling you to gather all their data in one place, they do not have to answer the same questions over and over again or are offered products or services that they have just bought or do not require);
  • the insight you get in to your customers with the CRM software means you can tailor-make a service specifically for them. So, if you are a business that sells products and you get a lot of after-sales calls relating to a certain product, the CRM tools will highlight this to you so you can rectify the issue. This gives all-round better customer service.

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