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B2B Digital Marketing Plans: Strategy v Spontaneity

Intensifying your digital marketing efforts has a proven ROI. 98% of marketers believe viral marketing to have a 37% increase on revenue performance and by focusing media on a CTA’s, traffic is directed correctly, making it easier to convert them from leads to opportunities.

But it’s not as effortless as it looks.

Getting to grips with digital marketing demands is a full time education …. SEO, PPC, lead generation, content marketing and social media platforms can become confusing. Deciding what to do, when to do it and how to resource it takes planning. But there is still room for spontaneity.

The planned….

  1. What’s the dream and how are you going to make it happen? Review marketing and sales objectives and focus on those to direct content. How you are going to position yourself and how would you like to be perceived. Dedicate time to planning; focusing on who you want to reach, what you want to communicate and how to drive your business message to target audiences gives better quality traffic, not just a mindless click and a high bounce rate.
  2. Know your space. Identify your target market, research your competitors’ activities, and understand industry trends. Are there any glaring problems that need attention and how could you address these?
  3. Know your channels. Learn how best to use what’s available. Outline various channels and methods, you can test the water, see what works for you and nurture your online presence from there.
  4. Think about resource. What manpower do you have to achieve your plan? Do you need to prioritise and do fewer things well? Or do you have enough resource to do everything? Is the resource internal or external? A surprising number of companies have people generating content, managing their SEO and SEM on their behalf. Remember you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of your budget on PPC, develop an effective inbound marketing plan to generate traffic.
  5. Consistent Content. Don’t underestimate the impact of content; it could be your most valuable marketing tool. Clarity of content will help your market position; increase credibility, expand your network and bolster brand values. Develop content that helps your target audience. Start with a flexible editorial calendar and go from there.


The Spontaneous…


You can’t plan what your target audience, industry commentators and competitors are going to do and say day to day. As trending topics and news come to light, the online face of your industry can change minute by minute. Make sure you are following everything you can so that you can react in real time (Google alerts are handy). Just remember to think about the strategy of that reaction – what do you want to portray? What are the possible consequences of your reaction? Can you leverage to your business’ advantage?

A note on social media and content:

And once you’ve decided what you’re doing, track your moves and harness those website visits from lead through to sale.

Tell us, what areas of your strategy do you feel LEAST confident about and why?

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