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Automating marketing

automating marketingMany companies are now enjoying the benefits of integrating automated marketing software in to their CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

And no wonder! Once in place, this software will become an invaluable member of your marketing team – identifying opportunities quickly and succinctly; providing reports; and managing and automating work processes; plus many other activities – all of which will really boost your online marketing efforts.

Benefits for your business

Because so many of your marketing tasks can be carried out by the software, this means that your sales and marketing teams will be able to spend more time on selling.

Not only that, but, there will be no margin for human error, meaning all the information will be 100% correct, and you can make educated decisions based on this data.

Benefits for your customers

Using the tools for communicating with your customers and potential customers will also provide a consistent experience for them – they will receive relevant messages that can be based on their interests and the software will keep all their personal data in one place – meaning no duplicate e-mails or messages.

What can automated marketing do?

Here is a snapshot of how this specialist marketing software, when integrated in to your CRM, can work for you:

  • with the use of autoresponders;
  • using preloaded messages for follow ups;
  • diarising contacts;
  • sophisticated web analytics;
  • lead and sales tracking (helping you identify opportunities);
  • web chat and surveys;
  • social media capture; etc.

This clever software also allows you to actually see the return on investment from your marketing activities – thereby showing the viability of your marketing strategy. This is something that many a Head of Marketing will appreciate when looking at budgets and expenditure.

So, if you are looking for a way to improve marketing processes as well as quickly identify sales opportunities, then there are specialist automated marketing packages that can be easily and seamlessly integrated in to your existing CRM system. We believe target360 is one of the best fully integrated CRM with Marketing Automation solutions and we’re happy to give you your money back if you don’t achieve an agreed Return of Investment within one year. Want to know more? Contact us to see how we can help your business today.

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