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B2B Marketing in an Automated World – Q&A Interview Session

Independent marketing consultant, Marina Lumley, talks to BrightTALK about the challenges that B2B marketers face and how to use marketing automation more effectively.

Marina believes there are 4 main challenges facing marketers today, in particularly marketing managers, who now have to meet a much greater skill set requirement in the digital environment.

Watch Marina’s interview to find out how marketing automation can:

  • Help marketers and sales people use the time they have more effectively with no added resource
  • Measure the efficiency of marketing communications
  • Measure and track the prospect engagement journey through multichannel marketing strategies
  • Align business databases into a single customer view, providing a cost effective solution to CRM


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Top quality leads – the diamonds that enable a great sales and marketing engagement.


Marketing and sales collaboration……an ethos widely sought, but rarely achieved and often attributed to the lack of consensus surrounding lead qualification and lead quality.

So how can marketing be assured that the leads they pass to sales are the right prospects, at the right stage in the buying cycle?


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A sales journey with the ultimate “route-map” through Marketing Automation: Guest Blogger, Marina Lumley

This is the 4th post in this series on Marketing Automation.  “Ever since my talk last week at the B2B conference, its stayed front of mind.  I’ve just left Stafford and am on the Virgin Train back to Euston after visiting a business who are on the verge of deploying Marketing Automation and we had an interesting conversation about who wants what and why.

The sales journey is a really interesting element of Marketing Automation. And depending on which hat you wear – Sales, Marketing, Ops etc. I’m sure you will have a different perspective and certainly different challenges. So let me try and cover a couple of these perspectives.


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How to Sharpen Your Marketing Sword – Guest Blogger, Marina Lumley

Welcome to the 3rd post in this short series on Marketing Automation where I am discussing a number of the major challenges for sales and marketing in businesses today.

I spent 14 years working in integrated agencies and had to ask my self quite often – how effective I was being. It’s tough because marketing is such a subjective area to start with. There is such a huge amount of human interaction involved. I’ve covered previously how we as marketers need to think about “Time” – how much time we spend on what.


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Engage and Deliver with Marketing Automation – Guest Blogger Marina


This is the second post in this series on Marketing Automation, resulting from the B2B Marketing event last week that we sponsored. And once again, thanks for those who came along. Our independent speaker, Marina Lumley, gives some after thoughts on engaging customers and how businesses can deliver on their potential in a new and challenging environment.


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