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Can you launch a new business with CRM?

launch a new business with crmA Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows a company to put the customer at the heart of a business and is arguably the one most important software system that a business can acquire.

It will, through its ability to aggregate data and then slice and dice the data in relevant ways, present a detailed Single Customer View that will then open up marketing opportunities and overall increase sales. Think Amazon marketing emails – “You bought this book you might be interested in these also”. (more…)

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Emerging trends in Marketing Strategy at the end of 2013

Emerging trends in Marketing StrategyIn any discussion about emerging trends in marketing strategy there will the inevitable mention of Mobile Computing, Social Media Presence and perhaps the increased power of analytics through such things as Big Data.

Whilst all of this is true and extremely important, there is a danger of using these channels to market in the same old way and not understand the real underlying trends that are emerging and that no business can overlook. Here are four that are at the heart of the emerging trends for 2013: (more…)

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Automating marketing

automating marketingMany companies are now enjoying the benefits of integrating automated marketing software in to their CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

And no wonder! Once in place, this software will become an invaluable member of your marketing team – identifying opportunities quickly and succinctly; providing reports; and managing and automating work processes; plus many other activities – all of which will really boost your online marketing efforts. (more…)

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Six Reasons Not To Underestimate Google+ For B2B Marketing

Google+ for B2B MarketingGoogle+ is coming up for its second birthday and it has rapidly become a huge social network, although, because you automatically get Google+ when you get a Gmail account (unless you actively delete it) there is some argument as to the number of real active users in the system. However, there are several powerful reasons why Google+ should not and cannot be underestimated for businesses. (more…)

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