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Set and Forget Marketing Automation: 6 Steps to a happier holiday

Summer holidays should be a time of relaxation and recreation. However, whilst you are on holiday, your targets and KPIs won’t change, sales people still need leads and your MD still expects traffic into the website.

This means that just before you finish up you are stressed; whilst you are away your mind might wander back to the office and; you might be tempted to look at your emails from time to time. (more…)

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What is Marketing Automation and How Can It Help You?

Marketing Automation RobotIn 2011, UK Online ad spend hit at an all time high of £4.7billion – a 14.4% rise on 2010*. With so much investment being thrown into digital acquisitions, how can you measure the ROI of your spend? How do you know what works? And how can you use this knowledge to adjust and adapt an agile approach to your marketing?

Business Challenges:

  • Budget allocation – How much do you spend and where do you spend it?
  • Tight targeting – How can you mange your resource to ensure maximum engagement and great quality leads?
  • Sales and Marketing – How can the relationship be improved?
  • It’s crucial to know what works for your business and to use that knowledge to meet these key challenges for much better conversion rates.


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CRM and Marketing Automation: A Marriage Made In Heaven

Marketing Automation and CRMAnalysts predict that within the next few years, Marketing Departments will have a larger IT budget than the IT department, which can be attributed to the growing importance of CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

At target360, we are already working on how to make budgets go further and we think we’ve cracked it. We do this by providing all of the tools a marketer uses day to day in one solution. It makes the tracking and reporting of return on investment easier because information is centralised within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In the infographic below, we’ve illustrated just how much you could save by consolidating your CRM, email marketing, web analytics, anonymous IP identification and webform to lead capture into one single system. (more…)

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