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Infographic: The Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM Cookbook

Integrated Marketing Automation Gingerbread manMarketing Automation is revolutionising B2B marketing by enabling marketers to more easily plan, execute and measure their digital marketing and lead generation activities. Many marketing automation solutions like target360 offer email marketing, web analytics, social media and digital campaign tracking, lead scoring and marketing dashboards within the one package.

However, not all marketing automation solutions are utilised in the way target360 is by our users – that is, closing the circle through seamless integration with a sales CRM system.

Creating leads is a bit like baking Gingerbread men and how that lead is managed and presented to sales can vary depending on the tools you use to process it. It’s a bit like comparing a nice, freshly baked gingerbread man to one that’s been lying on the shelf in the supermarket for a couple of days…


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Email Marketing Agency or DIY? 5 Ways You Can Become Your Own Email Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Agency

If you type “Email Marketing Agency” into Google maps in the UK, you are presented with 17,000 options.

Clearly if a B2B marketer needs to develop an email marketing plan, there are a number of options available to suit all skillsets, technology levels and budgets.

However, in this blog, I’m going to explore the areas where a B2B marketing department can effectively become their own Email Marketing Agency.


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Social Media Strategy Template: Your 5 Step Guide

Social Media Strategy Like Button

One of the most commonly asked for resources I come across in the various forums and discussion groups online is a Social Media Strategy Template.

We recently published a series of blogs which tackled the approach to planning digital marketing campaigns and whilst the steps are broadly the same, the actions you need to take are different – which is potentially the reason why so many users want a template for their social media strategy to help them get started.

Before getting stuck in, I think it’s worth just re-capping what social marketing is. Wikipedia defines social media marketing as: “…the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”.

To paraphrase this Wikipedia article, social media can be thought of as a distribution vehicle for your content. With this in mind, the 5 steps below can be used as your Social Media Strategy Template. (more…)

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Internet marketing strategies: are yours working?

How many marketers can confidently state that their internet marketing strategies are delivering return on investment?

Since the credit crunch of 2008 and the resulting difficult financial climate, you would think that marketers would put more emphasis on being able to demonstrate their value than ever before.

And yet the infographic released by the publishers of B2B Marketing magazine last week which suggests that only 10% of marketers surveyed can accurately calculate ROI from social media activity “completely” or “most of the time”.


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Small Business Marketing: marketing automation audit

Small Business Marketing

70% of the buying process is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a sales person

How do Small Business Marketing departments compare to their enterprise level counterparts when it comes to marketing automation? I came across an interesting statistic recently that suggests that only 25% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted marketing automation best practices.

This figure is even more revealing when you consider the findings of another report which highlights that 13% of B2B companies of all sizes acknowledge that they use marketing automation software – it’s clear that as small business marketing goes, there is some catching up to do.

However, by digging a little deeper, it appears that actually, many small business marketing managers are engaged in elements of marketing automation, but perhaps haven’t, for example, consolidated their lead generation with their CRM.


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