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10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition Webinar

Long gone are the days when you can push marketing messages out to prospects and they pick up the phone to buy. And it’s not surprising. How many times have you said ‘I’ll just google it’?

B2B marketing is no different although there is a lot more at stake.

We know that a website and digital marketing is important but sadly not the holy grail. A website rarely does the job of turning a curious visitor into an engaged and enthused purchase by itself.

Join Social and Digital Marketing Lecturer, Marina Lumley, as she re-presents the talk given to a packed audience at TFM&A Manchester 2012. Follow her as she makes sense of the digital marketing mix and presents the 10 must haves for your b2b digital acquisition plan.


10 Must Haves for Digital Acquisition

On demand webinar recording

Learn the 10 most important considerations for a digital acquisition plan that:

  • Acquires the attention of a prospect cost effectively – and keeps them!
  • Persuades them to interact.
  • Nurtures them and allows engagement with your brand.
  • Builds trust and encourages them share their experience with others.

View the “10 Must Have for Digital Acquisition” webinar whenever you are ready.

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