Why us?

Marketing Automation - What makes us Different

What Makes Us Different?

Digital marketers have a wide range of tools and software at their disposal, all offering contrasting and similar features. So, what makes us different?

Integrated Marketing Automation and CRM

target360 comes with all the tools that you need to successfully deploy a digital marketing strategy. We’ve combined an email marketing suite, website analytics, lead management and built it within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to offer the only fully integrated marketing automation and CRM solution.

This means that all of your information is consolidated in one place and you save time and effort by automating your nurture tasks and by eliminating the need to manipulate data across fragmented systems.

UK Based

When you need help, you don’t want to wait in a queue to speak to a faceless call centre robot on the other side of the world who’ll struggle to deviate off of their call script!

At target360, you’ll deal with our UK based support team who can log in to your desktop and help find a resolution.


By combining a suite of powerful marketing tools into one solution, target360 will save you money as soon as you install it.

You now don’t need to pay for a separate email marketing tool. You can cancel your web analytics and anonymous IP tracking. And because target360 is built inside Microsoft Dynamics, it gives you a fully customised CRM out of the box.

Risk Free

We are so confident that target360 will optimise your marketing and sales processes to deliver results that we can guarantee that you’ll achieve a return on investment or we will give you your money back in a year’s time.

Additional Services

target360 has been designed to offer you a solution that monitors your digital activity from when someone visits your site for the first time until they become a customer.

But we know that there is so much more to this process than just deploying a tool. That’s why we can offer customised workshops that will help marketers and sales people work together so that target360 and marketing automation is adopted throughout your company.