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Meet the team

The target360 team is largely based in Glasgow, Scotland. Although we have offices in London and various CRM consultants who work remotely.

All target360 departments work closely together, fulfilling our goal of complete business collaboration. Our sales and marketing teams have combined, with the help of target360 software, and work closely with development teams to offer insight.

Billy Lyle target360

Billy Lyle

Managing Director
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As MD of target360, Billy assumes overall responsibility for the strategic development and commercial direction of the business. With more than 15 years at the sharp end of developing technology for enterprise scale, blue-chip businesses, Billy’s passion is to deliver solutions that help customers achieve their potential.

Billy said: “I work with our customers to ensure target360 and exceeds the marketing automation, lead generation and sales needs. I am particularly passionate about this as I believe we now have an affordable suite of tools that enable B2B businesses to have an efficient and optimised sales and marketing funnel – enabling them to compete in their market place.

David Small target360

David Small

Technical Consultant

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Since graduating with Honours in Computer Science from Stirling University in 2009 – during which he developed a iPhone recording application for Sky+ months before Sky managed it themselves – David has continued to develop his learning by focusing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

David said: “Microsoft Dynamics has become the 2nd largest CRM solution worldwide and from what I’ve seen of their development roadmap, I believe their product will catch up to first place in the near future”.

He continued: “My job is to marry the inherent benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with target360 so that we can address the specific challenges of our customers”.

Michael Flannigan target360

Michael Flannigan

Marketing Manager

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Michael has been involved in marketing and advertising for 15 years and has broad experience of digital marketing picked up from his time in advertising agencies and more recently, with a Deloitte Fast 500 software business. At target360, Michael is responsible for our customer communications – both prospective and existing.

Michael said: “In my first job in marketing, we had one PC in the business which had ‘the internet’ on it. From that point until now, I’ve seen how the industry has evolved to the extent where every interaction can be monitored, measured and interrogated.

“Clearly this is a positive step, however it also brings it’s challenges – which is where target360 can help our customers achieve their potential!”

Dave Burrell target360

Dave Burrell

Business Development Manager

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Dave brings his experience of working for two global technology companies – Dell and AOL – to target360 and applies his positivity and tenacity when working with clients and prospects alike.

Dave said: “I have an optimistic outlook, and I’m always looking for positive things in tight situations.”

He continued: “I’ve always found that the best approach to working with prospective customers is to adopt a consultative approach which means we gain a greater understanding of the specific challenges which ultimately results in a better outcome for everyone”.